you’re here!


You’re here!

You’re here, I bet, because you are tired. And I said, ease. If you are a teacher, I am guessing you are tired, but also, hopeful.

We are so good at this, as teachers. Somehow, in some miraculous way, we are able to feel both weary and optimistic. We are able to lug our paperwork home and also, through bleary eyes, write loving and supportive notes to our students, even when they didn’t master the learning goal, even though we had to explain the directions again (and then once more after everyone had broken into their small jigsaw groups).

We weave together the complex and contradictory feelings of teaching. We knit our heartbreak and our hope together, again. And then tomorrow, again.

Yet, I wonder this, and this is what I will explore in these pages: how can we make this work we love sustainable? How can we do this important work of nurturing children and young people while also keeping our own creative lives alive and full? How can we bring ease into our interactions at school, our grading, our faculty meetings? Essentially, how can we teach without losing the juice that brought us here in the first place?

There is nothing more meaningful than the work we do. But lets make this work feel creative and fun. Because, why not? And also, because we deserve it. And also, because, our students do too.

So, yay. You’re here. And me too. And let’s begin.