creating alongside.

I was listening to the Radiolab podcast about trees- the way the underground root network shares resources like water and nutrients. When a tree is about to die, it sends its extra food and water to the other trees, an act of wisdom more than generosity.

It is almost as if the tree knows it is a part of a network and it will continue to live if the whole can survive.

and i’ve been learning this lately.

if I can gather a group of writers, and write together, I can feel the pulse in the room as a kind of collective energy of creativity.

and it is a kind of electricity that spills into my writing and helps me feel honest and more willing to take risks in what I say.

I’m astonished by how infrequently I gather together my friends to have this kind of creative playtime together. If I know it feeds me, what’s the block to pop-up groups on a random Tuesday in October? For me, perfectionism is usually the reason I don’t jump into uncharted waters, even if the water looks warm enough and deep enough for my leap. There is this brilliant dare at the end of Shauna Niequest’s book Bread and Wine~ invite people over. Just do it. Don’t worry if the dog hair is coating the couch or you have a fancy cheese platter or you have a funny story that will make everyone laugh. It’s the sweatpants version of entertaining. It’s gathering up your friends and feeding them what you have and being willing to let it go however it goes.

It’s trusting the underground network of connection, like a roots system that feeds us when we circle up~ imperfectly and without all our best tricks for impressing each other.

Ps. give this Radiolab podcast a listen~ totally worth it!

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